SCENE | Brooklands Double Twelve 2011

There were two really quite special reasons for being at the Brooklands Double Twelve this week. The first is this extraordinary Bertone-bodied 1942 Alfa Romeo 6C 2500SS Coupe owned by Corrado Lopresto that has been cleaning up all the major Concours trophies this year (both the Villa d’Este Concours in Italy and its class at Pebble Beach). It might look like a XK120 with a snow plough attachment in some photos but in the flesh it really is quite beautiful. The restoration work is exquisite with flawless black paint work and a really quite gorgeous engine bay.

The second was this monster Bentley-Napier (like a surrogate son of John Cobb’s Napier Railton). It's eccentric in a quite uniquely English sort of way. Turn the volume up loud.

The Double Twelve is a hugely enjoyable event, the enthusiastic crowd year was about the right size this year and the organisers made very good use of the venue including the the Mercedes World test track next door. It has a slightly old school and quite approach which is a great contrast to the Goodwood juggernaut. The key must be the reputation of the venue and the ability to attract some of the most sought after cars in the world. Long may it continue.

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