ICONS | Le Mans 250 GT Competizione - changing faces


There's an excellent article in this months Octane Magazine giving the full story behind a 1961 250GT SWB Competizione (No. 2445GT). The car was raced at Le Man in1962 and crashed before being reborn with a new body from Piero Drogo's company Carrozzeria Sports Cars; he employed the masters of GT design Giorgio Neri and Luciano Bonacini.

All very interesting but the reason I was intrigued was that I have had this picture hanging above my desk for a good few years. It's just a little warning as to what can happen if you over do it!

I knew it was a 250 GT SWB and that this picture was taken at Le Mans (Time and Two Seats could tell me that) but I hadn't done any further research. Having read the Octane article I realised that this was 2445GT and that it had a very interesting history.

Here it is at the 1962 Le Mans meeting before the crash....

I also discovered that the  boot lid was sold by Bonhams in 2003 for £1293!


 Here is the same car on track at the Goodwood Revival in 2010 looking a little more lithe and sleak with the Drono body, it's nice to see it back in action and know the story behind it (photo supercars.net).


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