SCENE | TR Register North London Group – Rolling Road Shootout

P1010199P1010208 What a great idea for a day out this was…bring a group of cars along to a local rolling road, we were at Enginuity (the TR and TVR specialist), and run them through the rev range to see what they’ve got. Rolling road shootouts are a new thing to me but apparently they are quite common in the hot-hatch community. From this experience I’m sure they would go down well with the classic crowd just as well.

All you need to do is find a suitable and willing rolling road owner, and get the owners to run it, then gather a few like minded car club members with their cars. Each car is put through its paces and the results noted and collated, it's that easy. We had 23 TRs attending, there was a good mixture of engine types; fifteen six cylinder cars, seven early four cylinder cars plus a four cylinder TR7; all in various states of tune, and it was wonderful to see 4 VC in the four cylinder group. To add a little spice there was a sweep-stake organised to see who could guess their cars ‘at-the-wheels’ bhp most accurately.

I took my TR4 to get its MOT recently and was embarrassed to see that we had only done 50 miles in the last year so was hoping to stretch its legs, it can’t be a good thing for the car to get out so little. The MOT did result in a couple of new Avon CR6ZZ tyres and I needed a little excuse to run the stickers off.

The interesting thing about a shootout like this is that you are comparing cars under the same conditions. It’s very surprising how different the results can be when you take the same car on different rolling roads. Everyone seemed to think that the Enginuity rolling road was giving low results, which I’m sure is normal! Here's the range of results;

I’m please to say the 7455 KX managed to record the top bhp figure of all the club cars on the day with133 bhp. This was way down on previous sessions but in line with everyone's experience on this set-up. It was certainly good to see a 4 cylinder  car coming out on top for a change, even though I’m sure some 6 cylinder cars were being conservative with their red line. It took the newly restored Enginuity project car to bring back the 6 cylinder pride! It managed a very health 142 bhp - it has a new cam profile that they have been working on recently and this was it's first time on the rolling road. They are hoping for more power in the future with some further development and tweaks.

The range of outputs was large with considerable overlap between 4 and 6 cylinders. Overall the average for the 6 cylinders came out on top if you include the Enginuity car.




6 Cylinder




4 Cylinder




But, of course, just remember that a good flat, and wide, torque curve is the thing you want for a drivable road car not just maximum bhp. Here's the chart for 7455 KX, not too bad I think (click for a full view).

Many thanks to everyone at Enginuity for letting us us their facilities for free, providing refreshments, and running the day, and also to Mike North from TR Register North London Group for organising the day. Overall it was a great day out and certainly a very good excuse to get the TR out the garage for a little shakedown.

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