WORD | Spyders and Silhouettes

- The World Manufacturers and Sports Car Championships in Photographs, 1972 -1981

Janos Wimpffen

David Bull Publishing

The latest in the series from Janos Wimpffen is another fantastic book. This is the third in a series of four photograph books that accompany  'Time and Two Seats'  which chronicled sports car racing statistics so completely over 50 years.

It was my Christmas present this year, and it was made even better since it is signed by the author, Derek Bell, Vic Elford and Howden Ganley (thanks to Horton Books) .

The book covers the period 1972 - 1981 and includes pictures from all the major road races. It features the last running of the Targa Florio, several 1000km races from the time, as well as the usual Le Mans and Nurbugring.

The book is beautifully produced and is very evocative of the era. 911s dominate, of course, but there are plenty of interesting shots here of BMWs, Ford and even Datsun Zs... Just one more edition to go! 

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