WORD | Classic Motorsport Routes

- 30 Legendary Routes You Can Drive Today

Richard Meaden

AA Publishing

Classic_motorsport_routes_2 If you love driving, and have even the slightest interest in Motorsport, this is a must-have purchase. It's just great for cold dark winter nights and planning summer trips. The idea is similar to a number of articles in Motorsport a few years ago (not sure if this is the same author).

The author has picked 30 motorsport routes from a number of different disciplines - road races/circuits, Rallies, GP circuits, Hillclimbs and record breaking.  The routes all are public roads that can be driven for free (except 'Rest and Be Thankful' but that is a special case! see later). All routes are illustrated with a mix of period and new photos plus maps.  All have a description of the history of the route and a description of driving the route so you know what to expect when you get there. There are some great little stories and insights. I loved the story about Juha Kankkunnen on Rally Finland.

"Rally photographers were comparing shots from the same corner, they noticed that Kankkunnen's car was at a totally different angle and much closer to the side than his rivals...Kankkunnen revealed that he had been tipped off that although the owner left his post box in place on the apex for the recce he removed it on the day of the rally. This allowed him to take huge liberties and steal some time."

I have been to about half the routes over the years but I've still been drawing up a list for a few new trips. This is my current wish list...

  • Isle of Man Rally and TT course (must go to Isle of Man some time soon)
  • Rest and Be Thankful hillclimb (with bottle of best malt in hand to get access!)
  • Mille Miglia
  • Targa Florio
  • Grossglockner Pass
  • Klausen Pass

I'm already planning the drive down to Sicilyto drive the Targa Florio route!

It's large format, 224 pages in full colour and it's brilliant value at £13.75 from Amazon. But don't just take my word for it, I've just noticed it's book of the month in Classic and Sports Car this month.

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